In Wall Fireplace – How to Choose the Right Height and Depth for Your Fireplace

An in wall fireplace provides an elegant and polished look without the cost of mantles. It is one of the easiest electric fireplaces to install.

There are a few things to think about before buying your fireplace in wall. To maximize the value of your investment, adhere to these suggestions:.


Although it might seem like an easy task but determining the height of your fireplace is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. The height of your fireplace can affect everything, from how it will fit into a space to its visibility. The fireplace may appear odd when it is too high. It can also take away from its aesthetics. On the other hand having your fireplace too low can cause it to disappear in the wall space.

Electric fireplaces can be mounted at different levels. For instance, a majority of people prefer to put their fireplaces on the eye level from a sitting position. This requires a height of 40 and 42 inches. Some people put their fireplaces underneath their TVs. This can be an attractive alternative.

However, the height of your fireplace will be determined by certain factors, such as the dimensions of the room as well as the length of the wall you’d like to put it. The bigger the room, the larger it can be. This could mean that you are capable of fitting a larger fireplace in it. This is also true for the length of the wall, since a longer wall can accommodate a fireplace that is larger.

The way you plan to make use of your fireplace is an important aspect. If you intend to use it to decorate your home, the lower height is ideal. If you’re planning to use it to heat your home using it, you’ll need ensure that the fireplace is tall enough to meet the safety and codes of your area.

Having the proper height for your fireplace will allow you to ensure that it is in line with the decor of the room and is easy to work on when cleaning or filling it. It is always a good idea to ask a professional fireplace installation expert to assist you if aren’t sure what height you should choose. They’ll be able to suggest the ideal height for your fireplace in light of their experience and your particular home.


It is important to know the depth of a fireplace when you plan to install it in a recessed position. If you plan to cut your wall, ensure that you have enough space to accommodate the interior design of your fireplace (the smoke shelf above the fireplace box, the flue which runs through the roof, and the fireplace itself). Also consider the space you will have for the surround and whether or not you’d like a mantle.

Many of the latest electric fireplace models have a depth which is almost concealed, giving them an “integrated” appearance. The Panorama Bi-Deep series is a fantastic illustration of this kind of electric fireplace that is wall-mounted. It has a 5.8-inch depth that lets the viewer see the flames, the ember bed, but not the frame. The media package includes driftwood logs in natural looks, white pebbles or crystals of clear glass to add a luster to the embers and reflect the flames.

Gas wall-mounted fireplaces also come in both deep and shallow models. When deciding on the depth of your fireplace, it is important to remember that these fireplaces function as a supplemental heat source and should be properly vented by an experienced professional. The length of the vent pipe, the length of the flue, and the distance from the stove to the vent are all factors that should be taken into consideration when determining the depth of a gas fireplace.

It is essential to read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when mounting your fireplace. A professional installer is recommended in most cases. It is also good to have an extra person available when installing a gas fireplace.

Adding an in-wall fireplace to your home can be an ideal way to increase its value and add some ambiance to your living spaces. It can also reduce your heating expenses. It’s also a great alternative for those who are unable to install a traditional fire place in your home due to space limitations or the location of a chimney.

Surface Mount

Surface mounts are a great option if you don’t wish to or aren’t able cut into the wall to install an electric fireplace. They also provide a sleek, built-in appearance. Some models, like the Allusion line of electric fireplaces, can be installed partially recessed into a wall without compromising the output of heat.

To begin the installation process, determine the area where you want your fireplace to be located and mark the area using a pencil on the wall where the bracket will be erected. Use a stud-finder to locate the studs, and place each bracket in front at least one stud to ensure stability. If a stud is not accessible or isn’t suitable for your fireplace, use drywall anchors to help support the mounting bracket.

Once you’ve marked the location of the brackets for mounting then use a drill to screw them into the wall, making sure they’re aligned with the studs. If you can, secure each bracket to a stud for strength and stability, but you could also use plastic anchors when needed. After the mounting brackets are installed, lift your fireplace and place it on the wall bracket. Once the fireplace is in place, make sure it is level.

Before continuing with the installation, plug in your fireplace and ensure that all the features are functioning correctly – turn on the flame and ignite the flames, play around with heat, ember bed lights and so on. Once you’re happy with the results, it’s time to install your floating mantel.

Depending on the model of your fireplace, you’ll have to connect the wire connection to the appliance wire connector on the mantel’s bottom or, if your fireplace has slots or hooks on the back connect them to the slots on the wall mounting brackets. After you’ve completed this step you should consult your fireplace’s user manual to learn how to remove the glass front panel from the opening and replace it.

If you want to adjust the height and width, you should replace the glass front once you have removed the front panel. If your fireplace has ember bed media, spread it across the top of the grate to give it a a more natural appearance and in Wall fireplace then secure it by using the screws that come with it.


In contrast to traditional fireplaces that burn wood, these electric versions don’t need vents or chimneys. Connected to a standard outlet, they can provide additional heat to rooms up 400 square feet. They also come with a variety of flame and heat settings so you can customize your ambience. Certain models have LED lighting effects that accentuate the fire and ember bed. Others include a top grille grate that hides manual controls but easily pops open to reveal buttons to select the setting you prefer.

Plug-in electric fire places can be mounted directly on the wall or recessed to create the appearance of a built-in. These units are typically easier to install than a mantel fireplace. Some models come with a pedestal to permit you to place the fireplace on flat surfaces like a dresser or buffet. A remote control, mounting hardware and log set are all included. These electric fireplaces can include both flame and heat options which can be shut off to create a year-round ambience.

Certain models come with adjustable privacy glass that you can change instantly from fully see-through to partially transparent. These types are ideal for walls that divide zones of entertainment such as dining and living rooms. These models are ideal in bedrooms, where adding a fireplace is a cost-effective option to warm a room and ensure privacy.

While plug-in electric fireplaces don’t require hardwiring like traditional fireplaces, they must be installed on a wall that is at the very least not stud-free and is able to support the weight of the fireplace. Certain models come with a kit which includes a pre-wired cord and a special bracket that makes the installation process simpler. This kit can be used for either drywall installation or concrete installation.

If you opt to install your electric fireplace on the wall ensure that it is located near an outlet. Plug-in electric fire places can be plugged in to outlets on the same circuit as the electric fireplace or into a dedicated outlet. It is suggested to have a separate circuit so that no other appliances in your home run on the same voltage. This could trip your breaker.

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