Why You Should Get a Ghost Immobiliser For Sale

As a car owner you must do everything possible to protect your pride. The theft of contactless devices is a growing threat. It is essential to invest in a security solution.

The Ghost CAN immobiliser has been rated the best in the market and provides peace of mind. It safeguards your vehicle from key cloning, hacking and even key theft. It also comes with a service mode for when you give your vehicle to another person to work on, or even park it.

Theft Prevention

Theft is a sad reality and is a major reason why car owners should consider purchasing a ghost immobiliser sale. This device blocks the vehicle from starting if there is no additional code or pin being entered along with your key fob. This makes it harder for thieves.

The auto ghost immobiliser device is an immobiliser designed by Autowatch that protects against key cloning and hacking. It is a discreet device that is totally inaccessible to thieves. It can be installed anywhere in your vehicle. It uses buttons on the steering wheel, door panels, or centre console to create an unique PIN required before you can begin the vehicle. It is easy to remember, but impossible for others to determine and you can alter the PIN at any point.

It doesn’t require any additional wiring, and it is weatherproof, which means it can be placed anywhere inside your vehicle. The Ghost is quiet and is connected to the CAN-system of your vehicle. This makes it difficult for thieves to spot. It doesn’t interfere with jamming or spoofing equipment that could be used to get codes from your original fob.

Prestige cars are often targeted by thieves because of their perceived worth and a ghost immobiliser could help to deter thieves from attempting to steal the vehicle in the first place. It can also make the car more appealing to sell in the future since potential buyers are less likely to be suspicious of a prestige car with a questionable history.

It is a fantastic investment for luxury vehicle owners and, in particular, for those who live in areas of urbanization where car crime is common. The device can be used to protect the old and new cars, and it is a cost-effective way to make sure that your vehicle is secure against theft. You can find a ghost immobiliser problems immobiliser available for auction online, and it is recommended to contact a reputable company to ensure that you get the highest quality product.

Resale Value

A ghost immobiliser will not only shield your vehicle from theft but can also boost the value of your vehicle when it is sold. This is because thieves will be less likely to to purchase a high-end vehicle that has a history of theft. The installation of a Ghost Immobiliser does not leave any marks on the interior of your car and thieves are unable to determine if it’s installed.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser System is the most advanced technology in anti-theft car security. It prevents you from starting your car until you enter an unique PIN or use the Ghost App on your smartphone. It’s undetectable to thieves and, since it is part of the CAN data system of your vehicle, isn’t able to be detected or disabled by simple wire cutting. It’s also silent, so a thief cannot hear the usual sounds associated with an immobiliser.

Unlike standard immobilisers, the Ghost Immobiliser is linked to your Mercedes CAN system and is programmed to allow the engine to start using either the specific sequence of PIN codes or by pressing an icon on the steering wheel or dashboard that is recognized by the ghost app. You can choose your own personal, customizable PIN code or push sequence (up to 20 digits) that you’ll have to enter prior to driving your vehicle. It’s similar to your credit card pin number. It is easy for auto you to remember, yet computationally impossible for anyone else to determine.

If you’re worried about your vehicle’s security, the experts at ghost immobiliser cost installations will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the best solution for your vehicle. They will give you a full demonstration of the way the system works on your vehicle, and will provide owners’ instructions, installation certificates, and an Emergency PIN Code override card.

If you’re looking for a way to safeguard your prized possessions from thieves, an Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is the perfect solution. The device, designed by South African firm Autowatch, is among the most sophisticated available and stops key cloning and hacking. It also stops key theft. This is a must-have item for every Mercedes owner.


An immobiliser is an electronic security system that prevents your vehicle from beginning if the fob or key that is not the correct one is used. It is accomplished by sending a specific code to the ECU that only your car recognizes, so that if someone else uses a different code, it won’t start. Some ghost immobilisers feature additional functions to make it harder for thieves to steal your vehicle. These include systems that protect your vehicle from jamming signals as well as device spoofing. Together with the standard immobiliser that is fitted to your vehicle and other security features, it is virtually impossible for criminals to take your pride and joy.

Ghost immobilisers, unlike wheel locks or anti-theft devices that are able to easily be cut or removed, are discrete and almost inaccessible. They work silently using the on-board CAN data network and don’t have any indicators that illuminate to indicate their presence. They also operate without radio signals so they’re not easily detected using the same methods that car thieves use to locate and bypass traditional immobilisers.

A ghost immobiliser is an affordable price for the peace of mind it provides. It is particularly beneficial for those who own an expensive Mercedes, Porsche or other high-end vehicle. These cars are typically targeted due to their perceived value by criminals.

A typical ghost immobiliser is a tiny device that sits behind the steering wheel and connects to the vehicle’s ECU. The device is then hidden in a place which is difficult to reach and makes it difficult for thieves to spot. The installation process requires you to enter an account with a PIN that must be entered in order to start the car. The PIN can be changed at any time, meaning that you are the only one who can drive your vehicle.

Each vehicle comes with a ghost ii immobiliser immobiliser which has been tested and tweaked. It provides protection against hacking, key cloning and ECU swapping. It also prevents your car from beginning when the wrong button is activated for a longer amount of time than is allowed. It also has a valet and service mode that allows you to temporarily let someone else drive your car, by entering the PIN code.

Peace of Mind

Installing an immobiliser on your vehicle is among the most effective preventative measures. This cutting-edge technology is inaccessible to thieves and can’t be disarmed simply by cutting wires. It also stops cloning and hacking. It’s simple to install, doesn’t require key fobs and is a great method to secure your vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost II CAN immobiliser is the next generation of security for your vehicle that provides peace of mind. It creates an unique pin code by using the buttons of your dashboard and steering wheel. You need to enter this code to begin your vehicle, just like you would a PIN on credit card. You can even choose the sequence of up 20 button presses to make it mathematically impossible for thieves to copy the sequence and escape with your vehicle.

This advanced security system disables the engine using your mobile app when you park your vehicle or enter Valet Mode. You can surrender your car to valet parking, or service without having to surrender your keys or fob. It also enables your GPS location to be tracked in the event that the vehicle is stolen, meaning it is possible to locate and retrieve your vehicle.

The security system for your vehicle can be installed by a professional who is familiar with your particular car model. This will ensure that the device fits seamlessly into your vehicle. It is silent and non-invasive and will not impact the performance of your vehicle. It can be installed in just two hours, and comes with a guarantee for peace of mind. It’s an investment that will protect your car and increase the value of its resale. This is a great choice for those looking to reduce their insurance costs. It is advisable to get an immobiliser today because of these reasons. Contact a local Ghost installer for more information. They’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have. They may even suggest an option for tracking that will work well with your vehicle. You’ll be grateful that you added this technology to your car.

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