Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser Cost

Ghost 2 is a new technology that stops vehicle theft in two ways. It stops thieves from starting your car and stops copying or cloning of existing keys. It does this by communicating with the ECU through buttons on your dashboard or wheel.

It’s undetectable and isn’t breached or detected by diagnostic equipment. It also requires an unique PIN code that only the owner knows.


It’s not just annoying and Autowatch Ghost immobiliser apprehensive to see your car stolen however, it can also be costly to replace or repair your vehicle. It is important to purchase a security system that will protect your car against theft. One option is a Ghost immobiliser that works by stopping your vehicle from starting unless the appropriate sequence of keys is activated, similar to the way you enter the password on your phone.

This device is a discreet method of protecting your vehicle from theft via contactless and also help reduce the cost of your car insurance. Many insurance companies offer lower rates for car insurance, because they understand the fact that these devices can deter thieves.

The Autowatch Ghost ll is a discrete immobiliser that can be fitted in your car without causing any damage. It doesn’t require additional components, and functions by using your existing buttons from the factory to generate a unique PIN code that you can push. The Autowatch Ghost-II, a more advanced version than the original Autowatch Ghost, is designed to prevent key cloning, hacking, as well as vehicle swiping.

It is possible for the ghost immobiliser 2 immobiliser to be bypassed, but it would require sophisticated equipment as well as knowledge of how to operate it. It is also difficult for thieves to understand the exact sequence of buttons needed to operate the device, therefore, you and other people can use it easily.

Autowatch Ghost ADR is another option, which can be programmed and installed by Just Jeeps’ certified installers. This unique immobiliser isn’t based using the standard CAN-bus protocol and doesn’t communicate with your engine management unit (ECU). This means it cannot be altered and will only be activated when the ADR App is enabled and within the distance of the car.

The Autowatch Ghost ADR can be connected to your mobile phone to provide a complete solution for your security needs for your vehicle. It utilizes your phone’s GPS to identify your location, and will even notify you if your car is moved or switched off while located on public roads. It can be used to track down the stolen vehicle and then send a message through your phone to thieves that the car was reported.


A ghost immobiliser 2 immobiliser is an effective way to prevent your vehicle from being taken. It stops your vehicle from starting until a PIN code is entered. It is not detectable by modern thieves using diagnostic tools, as it does not omit radio waves. This makes it a highly-secure form of security. It can be used to stop key cloning and hacking, making it more difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle. It is an excellent choice for those who have invested a lot of time and money the customization or maintenance of their vehicles.

Unlike physical anti-theft deterrents such as steering wheel locks or wheel clamps, Ghost is discretely placed inside your vehicle and is virtually impossible for thieves to spot. It makes use of existing buttons such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or center consoles to generate an unique, changeable PIN code sequence that needs to be entered before the vehicle can be started. You can choose to make your sequence as long as 20 presses.

This technology is completely easy to use and doesn’t require any additional hardware it works by integrating with the CAN data bus in your vehicle. It is not detected by thieves using diagnostic tools because there are no missing signals, and it operates silent during operation. It is not affected by the use of jamming or spoofing devices because it does not transmit any information to the original key remote fob.

The Autowatch ghost car immobiliser 2 is a premium security device that is ideal for protecting your vehicle from theft of keys, key cloning and hacking. It is a powerful protection against thieves, and is able to be deactivated with a Bluetooth Tag or mobile application on your smartphone. It is simple to install and comes with an instruction manual, an emergency card, and two Autowatch window stickers.

ghost immobiliser installation 2 is the newest generation of CAN bus immobiliser technology. It offers extreme security, with no need for unsightly wires and additional key fobs. It is completely undetectable and uses your existing buttons to generate a unique code that must be entered in order to start your car. The system also detects damages and vibrations, and can send an emergency PIN override to the owner’s cell phone in case it is tampered with. It is also compatible with a range of GPS tracking systems and works with many different applications for greater convenience.


Autowatch Ghost 2 immobilisers are designed to stop recent car crime using owner keys. They prevent theft in two ways. It stops your vehicle from being copied, and it also prevents your vehicle from being started or driven in the event that the security pin hasn’t been entered. Unlike traditional car alarms & key fob remotes that can be hacked or removed from your vehicle, this system is integrated directly into the CANbus system of the vehicle. It is completely undetectable and will not interfere with the existing technology in vehicles.

This is the first aftermarket CAN Bus immobiliser that does not need a replacement for the components in your vehicle or an additional control unit. Instead, it makes use of the buttons already present within your vehicle (such as those on the steering wheel and door panels, or the center console) to create an individual, changeable pin code sequence that can be up to 20 presses. This unique pin code is required before the engine can be started. It is completely silent and there are no LED indications to indicate that a system is present in your vehicle. The device does not transmit radio signals as the typical car alarm. It can therefore be undetectable by modern thieves who rely on diagnostics or look for the tell-tale clicking of the standard relay immobiliser.

The autowatch Ghost Immobiliser ( communicates with the vehicle’s ECU via the CAN data circuit. It is a wireless connection, so no wires or components are needed. It is also unnoticeable by anyone who does not have access to the CANbus system of your vehicle. This means that the system will not interfere in any way with the operation of your vehicle, whether it is utilized as an original system or as an aftermarket one.

The Autowatch Ghost, measuring only 1.3cm long, is fitted by our technicians during the process of service or valeting. It is fully insurance-approved by TASSA and is not affected by any method employed by professional thieves, such as RF scanning, spoofing, or code grabbing since it doesn’t use any radio frequencies to function. This makes it the most sophisticated, cost-effective security solution available today.


The Ghost Immobiliser is a discreet immobiliser that stops thieves from launching your vehicle. It operates by sending pin codes that are discrete through buttons already in your car. It is totally unnoticeable by anyone who comes into your vehicle which makes it a powerful security measure against car thieves. It also has the feature of a silent engine lock, which stops your vehicle from being driven. In contrast to other immobilisers, it cannot be tampered with using diagnostic tools that thieves use to copy your keys or hack into the system.

The system also blocks signal jamming and device spoofing, all of the methods that thieves employ to bypass the standard immobilisers. This makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle and could even reduce your insurance premiums.

Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser. It protects your vehicle from key cloning, hacking and key theft in a way that is unlike anything is available in the market today. It uses buttons on your vehicle such as those on the door panels or steering wheel to generate a unique and alterable PIN code. The sequence can be as long as 20 numbers. You must enter the sequence before you are able to start your vehicle. It also comes with an option that allows you temporarily to start and drive your vehicle without having to enter the PIN code.

It’s worthwhile investing in the technology in the event that you’ve invested a lot of money and time customizing your vehicle or have an expensive or rare car. The Ghost immobiliser, an invisible and tamper-proof security system that is difficult to remove by a typical car theft thief. Furthermore, it leaves no trace of the instillation, which means that the aesthetics of your vehicle will remain unaffected.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a tamper-proof device that connects directly to the vehicle’s ECU. It communicates via the CAN Data Circuit. It’s completely silent, which means thieves aren’t able to hack into the system to bypass it like they have done in recent years with other systems like the OBD port hacks. Also it is undetectable to any diagnostic equipment a thief may own since it does not transmit any radio signals.

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