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over ear sound cancelling headphones-ear headphones usually have longer battery lives than earbuds. They also offer superior noise cancellation.

Sony’s WH1000XM5s are among the top over ear noise cancelling headphones-ear headphones with wireless technology. They sound fantastic with a deep, bass-heavy sound quality that allows vocals as well as instruments to shine. They last for more than 40 hours on a single charge, with active noise cancellation (ANC) turned on.

Focal Bathys Wireless

The Focal Bathys wireless are an audiophile-grade entry into the popular premium Bluetooth headphone segment, which has been for a long time dominated by Bose. Focal’s reputation for making the best high-fidelity speakers meant that it was unable to cut back to compete. It decided to create its own earbuds that had built-in ANC made of the same amplifiers, transducers, and other components as its flagship products.

The result is a pair of headphones that offer high-quality performance, but feel sturdy and luxurious. Focal reduced the size and weight of its more expensive headphones to make them more portable and still use magnesium for the yokes. The design is sleek and stylish with the circular “skeletonised” design reminiscent of the company’s full-sized, high-end Focal Celestee, as well as LED backlit Focal “flame” logos on the sides of each earphone that actually glow (you can switch this feature on the app that comes with it).

When connected to your device, they operate on the most recent Bluetooth v5.1 technology with support for SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX Adaptive and a built-in DAC that supports up to 24 bits/192kHz playback. The earcups fold flat to make storage and the cable can be detachable to use with other devices that don’t have Bluetooth as well as many cell phones.

The headphones can also be used in DAC-mode, which omits internal processing to provide higher quality sound than Bluetooth headphones that have DACs built-in. Focal declined to reveal the specific DAC they used, but when tested with a high-quality portable DAC/headphone amp, the Bathys delivered great results–including better-than-CD-quality resolution, tight bass, and an open, airy midrange.

The Focal Bathys are designed to be used in planes and other noisy environments however, the DAC mode makes them ideal for more attentive listening. The majority of portable headphones are closed-back and tuned for boosted bass, but the Bathys deliver an even, neutral sound that’s perfect for rock and other genres that are popular without becoming overly loud. These headphones would be a wonderful present for the audiophile on your list.

JBL Tune 760NC

The JBL Tune 760NC are a lightweight and comfortable pair of headphones with active noise cancellation. They feature a bass profile that gives your sound depth, and an extended battery life. The headphones are designed to last, which makes them ideal for commutes and travel. However their tight fit may make them uncomfortable for long listening sessions.

The headphones come with a set of buttons that you can use to control the music as well as your call settings. The headphones have buttons that adjust the volume up and down, power, ANC, and the like. The buttons are surrounded by a small section that has an LED that you can tap it to alter the headphone’s lighting display. The headphones have a good fit and are well-padded however they do not sit well on your head and could be uncomfortable for people who wear glasses.

JBL’s Active Noise Cancellation technology reduces ambient noise by analyzing and interpret the sounds coming from outside the headphone. It then reverses those sounds and blocks out the background noise, leading to a quieter listening experience. This allows you to listen to music at lower volumes and avoid fatigued ears. The headphones come with a built-in microphone, which lets you make phone calls without hands and also activate voice assistants.

These headphones work with the majority of Bluetooth devices, including your computer and most mobile phones. These headphones work with the majority of PS4 and Xbox One Controllers for receiving audio however they are not able to communicate with your teammates. The USB port lets you charge them and Continue shopping listen to audio on your computer.

The JBLs 760NCs have a compact, foldable design that makes them easy to carry around. The JBL 760NCs have built-in batteries that can last up to 40 hours of continuous use and come with noise cancellation to block out noises that distract you. They can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and you won’t have to miss a beat when switching from watching a film on your tablet to making a phone call.

Skullcandy Riff Wireless

Skullcandy Riff Wireless 2 are a pair of in-ear Bluetooth headphones that offer what people expect from Bluetooth headphones. They are priced at a reasonable price, have a long-lasting battery, accessory cable backup, and offer peace of mind with Tile-finding technology. It also comes with a simple set of controls on the earcup and is able to connect to both wireless and wired devices. The Riff Wireless headphones come with a companion app which lets you personalize your listening experience. It also allows users to minimize the delay of video and audio when paired with smart tvs or computers, and to set up a multi-device pair.

The headphones are extremely comfortable and have a cushioned headband. These headphones are made for travel and commute. They fold into a compact size to fit into backpacks or bags. They are made of plastic and have a pliable quality but are fairly sturdy and have a strong click when you move or bend them. They don’t feature noise cancellation which can be a challenge for some users, however they do block out some of the noise of buses and passengers chatter.

The headphones are of decent sound quality, especially given their low cost. The midranges aren’t as lush as the more expensive headphones, but they are still able to provide good clarity at all volume levels. The bass is very powerful and has plenty of punch and the highs are slightly rolled off but not strident. They’re great for pop and rock but may not be the ideal choice for genres that feature full, deep bass.

Comparing to the previous version of these headphones the Riff Wireless 2 has more features. They have an unison sound profile, which might appeal to some users. They also have a more efficient microphone and can work with multiple devices. They also have a longer battery life and can handle a higher volume.

They’re good headphones but they don’t provide the same level comfort as other Skullcandy products such as the Hesh 3 Wireless. These headphones are an excellent choice for the majority of users, but they’re not necessarily the most suitable for use in a gym or on a run. They may fall off when doing high-intensity exercise.

Razer Opus

The Opus is Razer’s first attempt at a set of headphones for the lifestyle market and it’s a great one. Its intended audience is likely to be a lot larger than gamers, and it offers a premium sound that rivals the top over the ear headphones models from Sony and Bose at a price that is affordable.

The design is a bit restrained, even by Razer’s standards. There is no RGB lighting, and there are no signature green accents. And the Tri-Snake is not visible. Instead, the headset appears like other Bluetooth headphones, with semicircle hinges which swivel and fold flat on the top of the earcups to create an incredibly comfortable headband. The headsets are lightweight and more portable than other gaming headphones, weighing only 265g when folded.

On the right earcup are onboard controls. Power and track control buttons are located next to a multi-function button recessed into it that also doubles as a noise-cancellation button. The controls are simple to press and responsive, and they functioned as advertised in my testing.

The Opus bass is a roaring and well-rounded, with depth and clarity you won’t find in many budget headphones. It’s not as deep as the sound of Bose’s Extra Bass headphones, but it’s still a step above expectations for the $200 price point. The mids are a solid sound and vocals as well as the lead instruments be heard clearly with good clarity. I did notice a small lack of clarity in the highs however, changing the EQ to the Vocal preset resolved the issue.

In the case, you’ll also get an 3.5mm audio cable as well as a USB C-to-A converter and an airplane-style audio plug for those who haven’t made the switch yet. It’s a small but appreciated addition that makes it easier to use headphones while traveling.

As with other THX-certified products such as the Opus did a great job in my tests. I was able to stroll through the city without having to raise the volume in order to block the background noise and I never felt as if I needed to turn my music up to hear it. This is the type of sound quality that will allow you keep your hearing intact from excessive exposure to high-frequency frequencies.

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